Pool Service

Pool Cleaning

Tilerescuers, Pool Care offers pool cleaning for both residential and commercial properties. You won’t have to worry about finding the time to clean you pool, and we have the equipment and expertise to care for your pool properly.

Proper routine maintenance is vital to keep your pool crystal clear and clean. Our key to keeping a well-maintained pool is consistent water chemistry, vacuuming, brushing, skimming, and correct filtration.

Tilerescuers, Pool Care will clean your pool thoroughly with each visit. We will monitor the filter and keep up with all other standard pool cleaning services. We provide all the necessary equipment to vacuum, brush, scrub, and remove any algae, or bacteria that may be growing on the pool shell.

Tilerescuers, Pool Care is a Los Angeles pool service company that specializes in working with residential and commercial properties. We work with some of the largest properties in the Los Angeles area. Our business is set up to handle the service needs of any pool size.

Very few pool service companies offer the professional service that we provide and that all properties require.

Our Services Include
•Pool Brushing and Skimming
•Salt systems
•Skim Water Surface for Leaves and Debris
•Empty Skimmer Traps
•Brushing walls and tile
•Chemical Testing
•Visual Equipment Checks
•Water Chemistry Testing and Balancing
•Maintain all pumps, filters, heaters, chlorinators, flow meters, pressure gauges, etc

Repairs & Upgrades

When it comes to pool equipment repairs, it is important to hire someone you can trust. Someone with years of experience and many satisfied customers. If you have a need for pool repair, it is helpful to know that all our service calls are answered in a timely and prompt manner. Tilerescuers’ Pool Care technicians are knowledgeable and responsible. With years of training, we get to the job done right away. We provide clear explanations and alternate repair solutions. We can bring your pool or spa back to health today.

Pool & Spa Repair Services
•Noisy pool motor repairs
•Valve Replacement
•Clean filters
•Pool Heater
•Pool Pump
•Pool spa automation
•Salt Water Chlorination
•Pool lights
•Pool Resurfacing
•Acid wash
•Pool leak detection and repairs

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