Pool Drain

The Importance of Pool Draining Services


It’s highly recommended to go with a pool professional when draining your pool because of the complexity and hassle of this task. In addition, Henderson requires that the water is returned to the city via the sewer when draining your pool.

If you do not use your specified drainage pipe, you could wind up getting fined. When you go with our pool draining company, you won’t have to worry about that headache.

How to Tell If Your Pool Needs to Be Drained

You’ve been performing great maintenance on your pool, and your family just loves it. When the temperatures skyrocket into the triple digits, that beautiful body of water in your backyard just calls your name.
However, in order to keep it in good condition, it does need to be drained every 3-4 years. All the particulates from dirt, body oil, and more build up in the water and cause problems.
Just as you routinely check your chemical balances, you’ll also need to monitor total dissolved solids (TDS) and calcium hardness. When your TDS exceed 1500 parts per million (ppm), this is an indicator that you’re due for pool water replacement.


Draining Your Pool

We suggest that you test every fall for the “TDS” (total dissolved solids) level and the cyanuric acid level in your pool. When the TDS level approaches 3000 ppm or the cyanuric acid level tops 120, it is time to drain your pool or hire Tilerescuers Pool Services LLC to do it for you.

We’ll not only perform any pool draining services you need, but we’ll also let you know if further action is needed. For example, if you’re draining due to a green pool, we may be able to help reduce algae and prevent future occurrences once it has been refilled.